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Long-term cooperation with the following companies:


Task: hidden advertising of WEST cigarettes at a specialized Internet portal.

Solution: Creation of a video story “Pro-Skorost” ("On Speed”), with product placement integrated into the plot as part of the image and the names of the main characters - Doctor Westhoff and his female assistant Westa, an expert on cars and motor racing.

Nikon «I am Russia»

Task: Provision of a local creative input with a Russian insight within the framework of the global concept of "I am Nikon”.

Solution: Displaying typical Russian stories and subjects without engaging professional actors.

Result: Increase in brand loyalty, more than 670 000 views on YouTube.

Nikon Ambassadors

Task: Promotion of the brand with the help of professional photographers.

Solution: A series of advertorials. Stories behind the best shot as told by the photographer united by the slogan “Every picture tells a story - every picture tells about Nikon”.

Result: A 2.7 increase in the memorability of the concept in comparison with the traditional formats.

Iz Ruk v Ruki (From Hand to Hand)

Task: Refreshing and updating the image of the well-known advertising and information newspaper "Iz Ruk v Ruki".

Solution: Humorous ads of peculiar objects attracting people’s attention; the leading message was “We help to find the impossible”.

Result: Recognized as the best advertisement of the year; more than 85% of the mass audience remembered the advertisement.


Volkswagen Golf V

Task: Volkswagen Golf V launch in the Russian market.

Solution: Integrated advertising campaign - from forming creative ideas to placing them in the leading media (TV, press, Internet).

Result: Sustainable exceeding of sales targets during the three months of the campaign.


Norilsk Nickel

Task: Promotion of "Norilsk Nickel" among Western business audience.

Solution: Provocative, dynamic rap-style video clip, blasting the traditional expectations.

Result: Favorable responses from Western representatives and partners.

LG Electronics

Task: Company brand change from GoldStar to LG.

Solution: Multinational advertising campaign using innovative media, including brand new formats of outdoor advertising.

Result: Increase in brand awareness from 32% for GoldStar to 68% for LG.



Task: Declare the leadership of Hyundai car brand in the Russian market.

Solution: Setting up of large-scale outdoor advertising structures, including neon installations, in the two capitals - Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Result: Putting installations near the international airports and the Hermitage Museum.



Task: Presentation of the new Sony digital products in the million cities of Russia and neighboring countries.

Solution: Sony Digital Tours in Russian cities. A caravan of special trailers in the form of Sony Camcorders. Demonstrations in the central squares.

Result: Sony's Worldwide Marketing Award for the best promotional campaign for a new product.

Gorky Automobile Plant

Task: Improve the image of the Gorky Automobile Plant, create a consumer insight on the indissoluble bond between the history of GAZ and history of Russia.

Solution: Anniversary run of vintage GAZ cars from Nizhniy Novgorod to the Red Square in Moscow called “Victory Parade”.

Result: Favorable PR in the national media.

Sony Bravia

Task: Product line brand change from Sony Bravia to Sony Bravia Red, attracting attention of the audience.

Solution: Multinational advertising and promo campaign “The Red Days of Sony Bravia” in the territory of Russia and Ukraine with the use of innovation media.

Result: Sony’s Worldwide Marketing Award for the outstanding strategic planning, the implementation and creation of a new advertising format - advertising flags.


Task: stimulation of sales of a household chemical product Dosia by Reckitt-Benckiser, clearing of the overstocked warehouses within 1 month.

Solution: Successful co-branding promotion campaign - national pre-festive lottery in LG Electronics home appliances for the consumers of Dosia.

Result: More than 150,000 responses from customers were received, more than 450,000 units of the product were sold.





Task: Stimulation of sales of Coca-Cola.

Solution: implementation of the global marketing campaign “This Coca-Cola is yours!” in Russia. The buyers were offered an opportunity to get a can of their favorite beverage with their name or a personal motto printed on it.

Result: above 9,000 contacts of the promo-staff with the campaign participants were established, more than 2,000 personified cans were printed, thousand of URLs related to the promo event were posted in the social media.