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Director, Company Co-founder


We value the long-term relations with our partners and clients and work on building them. We aim at speaking the same language and understanding each other perfectly at once. Every client of our agency works with a personal manager and a personal project team. They know all the products and all the specific features of their client’s business and therefore are able and prepared to solve all their tasks in advertising 24/7.

Anastasia Zhitskaya
Aleksandr Gryaznov

Director, Company Co-founder


Effective advertising is a successful communication. It requires a clear understanding of what should be said, to whom and in what manner in order to this message to be heard. Our business is not about production or sales, it is about achieving mutual understanding.  We know for a fact that our clients create good products and services, and we talk about them with the consumers so that they shall hear it, believe it and buy it. This is the essence of our business.

Новое Поколение рекламное агентство полного цикла услуг. Логотип новое поколение.

No advertising objective is impossible, boring or unimportant for us. Every project, whether it is a local corporate event or a transnational advertising campaign aimed at launching a new brand into the market, presents a challenge to our management and creative abilities. We love to create new things and we know how to create them - new advertising media, new customer attraction methods, new stories about the well-known brands. Our clients are international corporations with a rich multi year history and brand-new ambitious startups.

Our primary competencies are providing full service and creativity not only in creative development, but in strategic and management decisions as well.

These allow us to compete successfully even with the international network advertising agencies.

For many years “New Generation” has been nominated in the top-lists of the largest media buying agencies in Russia (including Top-50 of all the agencies and Top-25 of the independent advertising companies).


Nikon «I am Russia»

We aimed at shooting an original corporate image advertising video within the framework of the global concept “I am Nikon”, but with the Russian insight.  A 2.5 minutes film depicting typical scenes from everyday lives of Russians was shot in the territory of Russia without involving professional actors. Short fragments of video from this film were used in several advertising campaigns, 670,000 users watched it on YouTube, the awareness of Nikon brand and customer loyalty to the brand have increased significantly.

Communicative Strategy

Successful advertising starts with an idea of a spectacular brand.

We create and build for the benefit of the client company the whole system of the marketing communications of the product manufacturer with its consumers. We provide full range of services - from brand naming and designing of the packaging for the best product positioning among competitors, to monitoring consumer expectations and preferences and segmenting target audiences. We perform SWOT-analysis of the brand and the competitive environment, optimization of the 4P marketing mix,  and, basing on these data.

We develop a unique advertising appeal and a creative strategy, select most effective media and tools of influence for each target group.

To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising we design a system of adequate KPIs and methods of their measurement.

Basic principles of our work include realistic strategic planning, flexible tactics of implementing advertising campaigns, transparency and reliability of their results.

Therefore, our clients’ investment in advertising always brings a substantial business profit.

Mass Advertising (ATL)

Throughout the history of Russian market of commercial advertising we have been creating successful “turn-key” campaigns for our clients in every popular media, including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and urban outdoor advertising. We provide all kinds of advertising for projects of every scale - whether it is an international advertising campaign, a product launch in the market of Moscow or St. Petersburg, or sales support campaign in any priority region. Our agency performs media planning, media buying, placement and monitoring of ads.

Experienced professionals of NG media departments have got a thorough knowledge of the Russian media market capabilities and the CIS countries market capability.

The personal relations of directors with the managers of media agencies and other communication companies, developed over the years, allow them to receive exclusive bonuses and discounts for advertising for our clients, as well as provide support for the organization and coordination of non-standard advertising and PR projects.

Indirect Advertising (BTL)

Flexible and creative brand management requires a knowing implementation of a wide range of indirect advertising tools. We love working in the field of BTL and know how to use these means productively. At the request of our clients we can organize events of any scale and format in sales promotion, merchandising, creation and distribution of POS-materials, direct marketing, corporate PR and external PR.

Our specialists will select and train promotional staff for working at exhibitions, in shops or at the presentations, prepare detailed scripts for the official or commercial events.

We take care of the entertainment commercial events,  take care of the entertainment and involvement of guests, organize catering, recreation and spreading of promo materials or souvenirs, assist in creating newsworthy opportunities and providing media coverage, as well as getting the maximum response from the social media.

Every new BTL project is unique, every time it is a challenge to our creative and management skills. BTL industry provides most opportunities of lively face-to-face communication in comparison with any other advertising means, and we do our best to use these opportunities for brand promotion.




Creative approach is our top priority. We create bright and memorable images and stories, help the consumers to discover new sides of well-known products and brands, find new media and creative ways to integrate existing means, seek new opportunities in times of recession. The unique atmosphere and the spirit of creativity, shared by all the employees of the agency, support our mutual desire for innovation and improvement, rekindle our passion to do our job and do our best.

Textual developments include brand naming, composing brand legends and brand missions, selecting slogans and semantic concepts, creating ideas and stories for radio and video clips, as well as writing scripts for official and promotional events.

Among the visual developments there are packaging design, graphic and industrial design, creation of brand-books and corporate identity packages, advertising and promotional materials, souvenirs, and more.


Brands seeking to win a place in the contemporary market of modern and innovative products must be prepared to engage in a dialogue with their consumers, primarily online. NG Digital Department acts as a professional mediator in this dialogue.

We introduce our customers to these new media and self-presentation tools, the styles and methods of product advertising that agree with the interests and preferences of consumers.

Specialists of Digital Department may perform SEO-optimization of a

tclient's site, develop actics of placing contextual and banner ads, suggest options for viral promotion and different forms of brand activity in the social media. We are also actively developing the interactive forms of brand promotion such as mobile marketing, interactive games and other scenarios of interaction with customers aimed at involving them in the exchange of views, information and experiences which allow to use the satisfied and loyal customers as “the agents of influence", speaking in favor of the promoted product.


The agency has got a production base of its own, equipped with a complete set of high-tech appliances necessary for the production of modern, high-quality marketing materials. There is an audio studio for recording, editing and mixing of sound information, allowing doing voiceovers and dubbing tracks for movies and TV shows, assembling soundbites and sound effects. . There is a video studio for shooting and production of video clips and TV shows, subtitling and inserting graphics into the subtitle level.

There is a professional photo studio and equipment for field photo shootsThere is a production studio for computer graphics, animation and special effects used in video advertising and print materials. The use of these own studios provide for significant savings in terms of time and costs of production for our clients.It also allows quick changing the available formats in case of sudden media mix corrections or media plans optimizations. We can quickly and professionally adapt the existing promotional materials for other national and regional markets.